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Our Process

Regardless of your projects size, our process is geared towards providing you with a design that allows our team to build your space to its fullest potential. Scroll down below to explore the process in greater detail.




It all begins with the consultation. Whether we meet in person, or talk on the phone, we use this opportunity to understand you and what you desire for your outdoor space.


Design Phase

After communicating with you about your project, our design team will begin designing your outdoor space in our 3D software.

Sergio & Liza Alvarez2d_001.jpg


The Design Reveal

Once the design has been completed, our design team will provide you with a 3D rendering of your outdoor space. Each client is allowed three revisions to their designs to ensure your dreams become reality!


Build Consultation

Once you have been provided with the final design, if you choose to work with us for the build portion of your project, our project managers meet with you and go over the entire project, confirm materials, and discuss the scope of work to be done.



Build Phase

Once we begin the building phase, you will begin to see your space transform and gradually become the outdoor space you had envisioned from the start.


Finishing Details

When the build phase is nearing completion, we will discuss all the final details with you. This also lends you the opportunity to shop our store and purchase furnishings, appliances, and special features for your outdoor space directly off of our website.


Interested In Working With Us ?

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